Big Gun Productions, LLC is the producer of The Gunfather on the Outdoor Channel.  The Gunfather is a submission-based television show that directly speaks to Outdoor Channel viewers through topics such as guns, sporting traditions, and overall outdoor themes.  Viewers from across the country submit their unique gun stories for a chance to have The Custom Shop Team restore their firearms or make custom built guns that will be featured on each episode of The Gunfather.  These episodes will present new challenges for the Custom Shop crew, pitfalls and triumphs, dead-ends, and eureka moments.  Different techniques will be tested, as well as Louie's (a.k.a. "The Gunfather") relentless pursuit of perfection.  And a classic firearm will return from history, bringing back fond memories to its owner.  See how Louie's passion for guns truly drives him to share in the process of restorations.  What happens along the way is just part of the journey.

The Gunfather submission